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Air Balloon Soap

Air Balloon Soap

Air balloon soap is made of natural glycerin rich in goat's milk and aloe vera oil, which is safe for children's skin. in an acrylic cox decorated with ribbon and air balloon accessories and a customized tag.
Available in all colors.
3 Days delivery for 10 pieces.
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Care Guide

- Keep your soap dry by using a self-draining soap holder equipped with ridges or raised nubs, allowing the soap to fully drain and dry.
- Apply the soap bar to a washcloth or loofa, using them to create a lather while washing.
- After use, ensure your soap gets adequate air circulation. Simply placing it in a well-ventilated area like your bathroom will naturally help with this.
- Before use, store your soap in a cool, dry, and preferably dark location. Avoid exposing it to direct light, ex

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