Private label candles should be simple and transparent. We help you create a premium candle line that you and your customers will enjoy. We allow you to customize candles with over 15 vessels, 40+ fragrances, and custom labels that will truly make your candles unique. We offer low minimum order quantities so that you can get started without hesitation. We pride ourselves on quality candles. We hand pour all of the orders when they are ordered and we source all of our premium materials right here in the UAE. What are you waiting for? Your premium candle line is just a few clicks away!

Dune Candles is a leading Private Label manufacturer. Our Private Label Candles, Diffusers and Room Sprays can have a significant positive impact in respect of your business strategy and will result in increased brand awareness.

Private Label product offerings will create a positive experience for your customers and ensure that they leave with memories that will last them a lifetime. These luxury, high quality items can be customised with your logo branding and will invigorate your customers while reinforcing the emotional link they have created with your brand through your signature scent.

Private Label products will increase your revenue by offering your bespoke fragrance on sale in the different formats we have available. We offer Diffusers, Candles and Rooms Sprays. Dune Candles uses sustainable ingredients sourced & hand poured.

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